BETTER USE OF ENERGY SAVES THE CLIMATE – A fast and cost efficient track to CO2 reduction

Energy saving is one of the best alternatives for both the climate and the economy.

A first Event was run at Marint Centrum, Simrishamn August 19th 2011, read the presentations under Energieffektiviseringsdag i Simrishamn.

A second event was run mid February 2012 about energy savings in the agricultural sector, read presentations under Energieffektiviseringsdag i Simrishamn 2012.

A third event on November 20th 2012 was about the greatest energy efficiency possibilities in south east Skåne by using the methane gases from the agriculture.
”From agriculture waste to fuel for modern transports – production under way”, Marint Center, Simrishamn.

Biogas has the best saving potential in South East Skåne.
A project led by the farmers is since the beginning of 2013 underway in southeastern Skåne, assisted by Österlens Forum for Energy Efficiency.
2014 Kurt Lekas become president for BSSAB.

Österlens Forum for Energy Efficiency was created in the end of 2011.
A few major consultant activities were performed in the company LEA Energy Advisory AB.

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